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The Japan You Don't Learn About in Anime.

Krystle Suzuki

Krys is a US based artist, writer, and translator who has spent most of her life immersed in Japanese culture. She now uses her knowledge and experiences to write engaging and informative articles for those who want to learn more about this unique beloved country.

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Singles Culture in Japan: Personal Freedom or Impending Disaster?

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  January 10, 2019 • Tagged with culture, society, dating, life, sex, relationships

Why singles life in Japan tends to be less like The Bachelor and more like The 40 year Old Virgin.

The History and Traditions of New Year's Celebrations in Japan

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  December 27, 2018 • Tagged with culture, celebration, holidays, new year

How the oldest celebrated holiday in Japan has changed throughout the years, and the traditions that have come along with it.

A house of yen in flames

Mottainai Culture: The History and Philosophy of Waste in Japan

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  December 20, 2018 • Tagged with culture, society, waste, environment

Though sometimes honored more in the breach than the observance, Japan's philosophy of "waste not, want not" strongly influences everyday culture.

The Inari Shrine in Fushimi district, Kyoto, Japan.

Shinto: Japan's Non-Religious Religion?

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  December 14, 2018 • Tagged with religion, faith, spirituality, society, culture

Shinto is more than a religion - it's also an indelible part of Japanese culture. Krys Suzuki discusses the structure, beliefs, and complex history of Japan's native faith.

How Japan Re-Branded Christmas

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  December 11, 2018 • Tagged with holidays, christmas, new years, celebrations, events, culture, religion

How did a non-Christian nation make a holiday rooted in Christian tradition its own?

80% full stomach

Hara Hachi Bunme: The Japanese Art of Eating

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  November 30, 2018

Why does Japan have some of the longest life spans in the world? Krys Suzuki explains how a simple rule of eating might be the key.

The Olympic Torch

Is Japan Ready For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  November 14, 2018 • Tagged with sports, olympics, culture, finance, money, weather, technology, business

How is Japan preparing to handle not just the sudden influx of foreign visitors, but the excitement of hosting the biggest international event in the world?

Women dressed for a Coming of Age (成人の日) ceremony

How "Coming of Age" Lives Side by Side with "Happy Birthday" in Japan

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  November 09, 2018 • Tagged with birthdays, celebrations, holidays, culture

Why are people's 20th and 66th birthdays considered special in Japan? Krys Suzuki looks at how traditional age milestones are still preserved in modern culture.

Awkward English only conversation

Why Does Japan Struggle With English?

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  October 31, 2018 • Tagged with language, English, Japanese, society, culture, communication, education

A city park employee managed to lose a quarter million dollars because he couldn't speak English. Krys Suzuki, a former English teacher in Japan, says that's not uncommon, and discusses why Japan still struggles with the language.

Grand Executive Room in the Hotel Grassino and Urban Resort, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The Evolution of Japan's Love Hotels

By Krystle Suzuki  ·  October 18, 2018 • Tagged with romance, relationships, society, culture, business

Why do love hotels exist in Japan? And how have they evolved to change with the times? Krystle Suzuki examines the 400-year history of this cultural phenomenon.