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Rice in the shape of Japan
The Emperor's Residence at night

Dawn of a New Era: Why Japan's Calendars Will Change With the New Emperor

By Alyssa Pearl Fusek  ·  January 11, 2019 • Tagged with news, emperor, imperial era, heisei, government, politics, imperial family

When Crown Prince Naruhito becomes Emperor this year, a new era will literally dawn in Japan. Alyssa Pearl Fusek explores the history of era names in Japan.

Yamaguchi Maho Bows

Idol Yamaguchi Maho Forced to Apologize for Her Own Sexual Assault

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  January 10, 2019 • Tagged with news, society, rape, sexual assault, celebrity, idols

A Japanese idol management company comes under fire after ignoring an attempted sexual assault on one of its stars - and then punishing her for speaking out.

Woman sitting on counter

Singles Culture in Japan: Personal Freedom or Impending Disaster?

By Krys Suzuki  ·  January 10, 2019 • Tagged with culture, society, dating, life, sex, relationships

Why singles life in Japan tends to be less like The Bachelor and more like The 40 year Old Virgin.

Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma: The Samurai Who Ended the Samurai

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  January 07, 2019 • Tagged with tokugawa, feudal japan, history, war, america

He remade Japan, not with a sword, but with his wits. Read more about how a low ranking samurai brought down the Shogunate.

Tray of colored pencils

Colors in Japanese: Not as Black and White as You'd Think

By Stephanie @ Kotobites  ·  January 03, 2019 • Tagged with colors, language, japanese, history

Did you know that Japanese once only had four colors? A look at the interesting evolution of color vocabulary in the Japanese language.

Japan on the waves

When Japan Ruled the Waves: The Forgotten Colonies of Micronesia

By Noah Oskow  ·  January 02, 2019 • Tagged with micronesia, nanyo, colonization, meiji, WWI, WWII, palau, germany, immigration

How Japan defeated the German Empire in World War I and ruled over Micronesia for three decades - before it all came crashing down.

Kaminari Gate (雷門) at Sensouji (浅草寺).

Hatsumōde: Japan's First Shrine Visit of the New Year

By Alyssa Pearl Fusek  ·  January 01, 2019 • Tagged with new years, holiday, culture, religion

How Japan's most popular New Years custom has changed over the centuries.

The History and Traditions of New Year's Celebrations in Japan

By Krys Suzuki  ·  December 27, 2018 • Tagged with culture, celebration, holidays, new year

How the oldest celebrated holiday in Japan has changed throughout the years, and the traditions that have come along with it.