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Japanese Translation and Localization Consulting

Photo: Fast&Slow / PIXTA(ピクスタ)

Unseen Japan's writers are passionate about Japan. We spend a lot of time studying Japan, reading Japanese, and conducting business in Japanese. It's what we love to do.

We understand that conducting in the Japanese workplace can be challenging given the cultural and language barriers that exist today. That's why we are happy to offer our expertise in Japan to businesses around the world. We can work with predominantly English-speaking companies who either need Japanese->English translation or consultation on the Japanese market, and with Japanese firms looking to translate their product documentation, marketing collateral, or other assets into English. Additionally, with our decades of experience in the IT industry, we are equally equipped to consult and assist with your business's general localization efforts.

Our services include:

  • Translation
  • Research reports delving deep into various aspects of the Japanese market or culture
  • Localization: Readying your programs and applications for the global marketplace
  • One on one consultation
  • Participation in meetings with Japanese teams or clientele

To inquire more about our services, please contact us with details on the nature of your request. We will respond within 24 hours.