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Businessmen shaking hands
The Olympic Torch
Grand Executive Room in the Hotel Grassino and Urban Resort, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The Evolution of Japan's Love Hotels

By Krys Suzuki  ·  October 18, 2018 • Tagged with romance, relationships, society, culture, business

Why do love hotels exist in Japan? And how have they evolved to change with the times? Krys Suzuki examines the 400-year history of this cultural phenomenon.

Cashless financial transaction.

Will Japan Ever Go Cashless?

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  October 15, 2018 • Tagged with business, finance, money, culture

Less than 20% of all financial transactions in Japan are cashless. Learn why that is, and why the government wants to change it.

A clerk performing dogeza, a traditional deep bow of supplication or apology.

Japanese Business Experts Decry Japan's "Customer is God" Mentality

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  September 11, 2018 • Tagged with essay, business, society

Japan's customer service is world famous, but some Japanese commentators wonder whether the country has gone too far.

Is Disneyland Japan's Latest "Black Industry"? Employees Sue Company Over Alleged Mistreatment

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  September 03, 2018 • Tagged with news, business

Disneyand Japan becomes the latest in a long line of Japanese companies accused of abusing employees.

Daylight Savings and the Emperor's Abdication Have Japan IT Freaking Out

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  August 14, 2018 • Tagged with news, business, government, politics

A double whammy posed by two looming events has Japan's IT community wondering how they'll ever be able to test their code in time for the Olympics.

The nightmare remnants of a coaster in Nara Dreamland.

How Japan's Nara Dreamland Became a Nightmare

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  July 22, 2018 • Tagged with essay, tourism, travel, business

Why did Japan think it needed its own version of Disney World? And why do its ruins still haunt the city of Nara?