Unseen Japan

The Japan You Don't Learn About in Anime.

Next time you go to Japan, make sure to enjoy these Western-style dishes delivered with a Japanese twist. (Picture: ささざわ / PIXTA(ピクスタ))
Three brands of sake at a restaurant in Meguro, Tokyo.
A diagram of the different cuts of the horse from Rocky, a horse specialty restaurant a short walk from Shibuya Station in Tokyo.

Looks Like Chicken: My First Time (Accidentally) Eating Horse in Japan

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  October 01, 2018 • Tagged with essay, food, drink, japanese

The first time I ate raw horse in Tokyo, it was all a big linguistic misunderstanding.

Aragaki Yui (

Zero-Second Chicken Ramen?! How Instant Ramen's Creator is Bringing Sexy Back to Its Products

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  September 05, 2018 • Tagged with news, entertainment, food

How do you boost sales of an instant noodle product that's been around for 60 years? Nissin found a way.

For $30 a month, this could all be yours...

News Japan: $30/Month for Unlimited Booze? Restaurants Find Success with Subscriptions

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  July 12, 2018 • Tagged with news, food, drink, entertainment

Would you pay $700 for a monthly steak subscription? Or $30/mo. for all you can drink at the local restaurant? Such programs are being more and more popular in Japan as businesses look for new ways to build loyalty.

Hibiki 17 Year.

My Sayonara to Hibiki 17 — or, Why Japan is Losing All Its Whiskey

By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  June 16, 2018 • Tagged with essay, food, drink

How a business trip to Japan ended in a $300 bottle of whiskey...and why that was such a steal.