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Japanese Magazine That Published Anti-LGBT Screed Did It for the Money, Says Writers

News   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  September 28, 2018 • Tagged with news, LGBT, politics, government

The magazine that published a politician's piece calling LGBT people "unproductive" halts publication as some Japanese experts decry the publishing industry's drift to the far right.

Various Japan Government Agencies Caught Falsifying Disabled Employment Data

News   By Emma Ford  ·  September 03, 2018 • Tagged with news, society, politics, government, scandal

The Abe cabinet comes under scrutiny again following yet another scandal. Is the Japanese public losing confidence in their government?

An End to a Scandal-Plagued Government? Abe Says Next Election is His Last

News   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  August 31, 2018 • Tagged with news, government, politics

The scandal-plagued Abe Shinzou has somehow managed to survive four terms in office. Either way, the skilled politician says September's election will be his last run for Prime Minister.


Why Did North Korea Arrest, Then Deport, a Japanese Man? (UPDATED)

News   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  August 28, 2018 • Tagged with news, government, politics, international

The mystery surrounding a Japanese man whom North Korea said it arrested earlier this year only deepened when it announced they were deporting him.

A school in Gunma that was recently shut down.

Japan's De-Population Spiral Increasingly Puts the Country at Peril

Essay   By Emma Ford  ·  August 27, 2018 • Tagged with aging population, depopulation, government, politics, society

The continued downward spiral of Japan’s population hasn't been helped by the slowdown in the Japanese economy. Emma Ford combines personal experience and some frightening statistics to ask: Where does Japan go from here?

Daylight Savings and the Emperor's Abdication Have Japan IT Freaking Out

News   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  August 14, 2018 • Tagged with news, business, government, politics

A double whammy posed by two looming events has Japan's IT community wondering how they'll ever be able to test their code in time for the Olympics.

Doctor holding stethoscope

"Three Women Equal One Man": Tokyo Medical University Rejects Women Because They Get Married, Sparks Online Outcry

News   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  August 07, 2018 • Tagged with news, feminism, government, politics, society, culture

An investigation by Tokyo Medical University into its admission practices led to a startling discovery that has Japanese women up in arms.

Politician Sugita Mio kicked up a huff this week by labeling LGBT relationships

News Japan: 5,000 People Protest After Politician Calls LGBT Couples "Unproductive"

News   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  July 27, 2018 • Tagged with news, politics, government, LGBT, society

Politician Sugita Mio kicked up a huff this week by labeling LGBT relationships "unproductive."