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Samurai on horses
Samurai on a horse
Picture of war

The Student Deployment: When Japan Threw Its Youth Away

Essay   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  February 15, 2019 • Tagged with war, world war 2, history

When Japan found itself in desperate straits in 1943, it used the one untapped resource it had left: its college youth. A former soldier tells how he survived - and the permanent damage it etched into his soul.

Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma: The Samurai Who Ended the Samurai

Essay   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  January 07, 2019 • Tagged with tokugawa, feudal japan, history, war, america

He remade Japan, not with a sword, but with his wits. Read more about how a low ranking samurai brought down the Shogunate.

Yamamoto Yae

Yamamoto Yae: The Warrior Woman Who Never Stopped Serving

Essay   By Alyssa Pearl Fusek  ·  November 21, 2018 • Tagged with samurai, warrior, war, history, bakumatsu, meiji era

From defending castles to outraging society, Yamamoto Yae never met a battle she didn't pick. Alyssa Fusek on one of Japan's most iconoclastic warrior-women.

Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan

Killer Tee: How a South Korean Boy Band Sparked Outrage in Japan

Essay   By Jay Andrew Allen  ·  November 10, 2018 • Tagged with war, nuclear weapons, hiroshima, nagasaki, politics, culture, south korea

How a t-shirt worn by a boy band member might make the bad relations between South Korea and Japan even worse.